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About VNM

Welcome to our team of passionate motorcycle professionals who’s ultimate goal is to help to grow the sport we love so much.

Aliki Karayan
Owner, Product Development Specialist


This 20 year army veteran, racer, motorcycle instructor, and all round riding enthusiast created VnMSport and it's products from the ground up. She is determined to provide only the highest quality and performance out of her products. If its not the best, it's not worth her time.

She is also on a mission to put VnM Sport to good use, supporting local charities like, helping to grow the sport through mentorship programs for our up and coming racers, promoting safe riding in the community, as well as supporting and working together with other local businesses to help each other grow.

Tausha Flux
VnM Sport Event Specialist


Tausha is an avid Ducati enthusiast and Professional Motorcycle rider coach. This exceptional woman has supported VnM Sportgear from the start and continues to represent VnM Sportgear at all of our North American events including World Superbike and MotoGP. Her passion for the sport is infectious and we are proud to have her as part of our team.

RJ Hislop
VnM Sport Event Specialist


Introducing our newest member of the VNM Family. RJ is a HUGE VnM ambassador, she has volunteered countless times for photoshoots, promoted us on Instagram and Facebook, and is now a Badass VnM representative. She rides track and street, and loves her Ducati more than anything else in the world. 


Our sponsorship goals include supporting and providing exposure for the most passion driven racers who really believe in the product and also in what it stands for. Our VnM riders believe in helping to grow the business so the business can give back to the racing community, providing more opportunities for our up and coming stars.

As a Veteren owned business, we our very proud to support our charity affiliate

We give a good chunk of change from the sale of our special Vet2Track cooling undersuits to the cause and are active members on the Vet2Track committee.


Many soldiers returning from war bring hidden wounds home with them. PTSD is very real and is currently average of 22 veterans per day are taking their lives. Others are lost because they come home and purchase motorcycles to feel the adrenaline, to feel alive again, yet they don't possess the skills and ultimately lose their life.

Vet2Track is here to help a that select group of veterans that ride, or would like to ride, to acquire better skills to keep them alive, not only on the road, but in life. We work with the Veteran, their therapist and the track day organization to assist the veteran in any way possible.

The racetrack is a unique blend of people, from all walks of life with a common bond. A camaraderie if you will, that is similar to the military. A trust you gain of others striving for that same goal, to ride hard and go home in one piece.

We believe that the people and the track experience can be a valuable part of helping these Veterans by providing goals, and something to look forward to as well as the friendships and memories.

Click here to see how else you can help.
There are some great racers in North America with a lot of potential. They are smooth, they are fast, and they can blow away the competition. However, in order to make it to the top, they need help, A LOT OF IT, by getting solid support from their team, family, and sponsors.

Unfortunately, there is no education for racers on the marketing and promotion side of things. Running some stickers on a racebike just doesn't cut it nowadays. And with new businesses emerging out of the ashes of hard financial times, the time is now more than ever to start thinking outside of the box. Sponsorship's can be redefined as partnerships; two entities helping the other grow and be prosperous. Celebrity endorsements just don't seem to be as effective or authentic for us to believe anymore.

Racers pay to race. That's how it has been for a long time in North America. There are no scholarships out there for aspiring athletes in this sport in North America. There is no money to be made (well with the exception of maybe a handful of riders), and in our opinion, motorcycle racers reach a whole new level of dedication and insanity that most people or athlete's cannot even comprehend. So why can't motorcycle racing have college scholarships, courses, and great financial backing? It can be done, and it will change over time, but it takes a number of dedicated people and businesses to ensure this happens.

VnM Sport can help with providing the gear necessary for racers to succeed, and we do have programs in place where some money can be made for them. But that doesn't seem good enough. More needs to be done. Over the years we have seen common sponsorship and marketing mistakes made by racers that can easily be avoided with a little guidance.

We want to help this industry grow, and to start, this is what we have decided to do.

VnM Sport will be putting in place mentorship programs for each season, working closely with racers to help the achieve their goals. Updates will be posted on our instagram and facebook pages.
You have made a smart choice and invested in quality baselayers that last, but there is the off chance you may end up going for a slide and the dreaded scissors have to come out. Your favorite VnM top and pant is now only useful as a sling or a compression bandage.


We understand that replacing your leathers, bike parts, and baselayers can be a pretty hefty sum of money, so we would like to help out.
If you have a race licence and you are involved in an incident where your leathers and VnM gear are cut off, we will replace your gear at 30% off of MSRP. Just provide us with a copy of your race licence for the current season and some evidence that your precious gear has been destroyed.Email for more info.
VNM SPORTGEAR: Racer owned. Racer developed.
If you aren't sure you are ready to invest in a set of VnM gear, we have a 100% guarantee. If you don't like it, just return it, no hassle!
We encourange our customers to join our Research and Developement facebook group. This is a great opportunity to tell us what YOU want. We aim to create the best products on the market, dictated by our customers needs, not by some corporate shmuck.
Doesn't fit or just not happy with it? You can return any new, unused and unaltered item within 30 business days of delivery receipt of your item. We will issue a full refund to your original payment method.

See our full Return Policy for all of the pertinent details.