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One piece riding undersuits VS 2 piece riding undersuits, which is better?

When we created VnM gear we dabbled with the option of creating a 1 pc and after some research we found that the concept of the 1 pc did not meet our standards of performance and fit.

It keeps the heat in:
If you have ever worn an adult “onsie” 1 piece pyjamas you’d know that they do an absolutely stellar job of keeping you warm at night. Part of the reason, aside from the choice of fabric, is because certain parts of your body create more heat than others and the one-piece allows that heat to be distributed throughout the body.

Bathroom time is a pain:
Another downfall to the one-piece concept is going to the bathroom. Ladies, forget it, having to disrobe all your clothes just to go is a huge pain in the patutie. Not to mention the dreaded “Arms falling into the toilet” situation.

Proper fit cannot be obtained causing some people discomfort:
Everyone is a different size, some short, some tall, and a one piece suit isn’t going to meet the needs of us all. A tall person may have issues in the groin area when leaned over, and a short person will get bunching in many parts of the undersuit.

Zippers? Ouch!
We never quite understood the concept of having a metal zipper against your skin that will bunch if you are bent over in the riding position. And if you have the privilege of added insulation via body hair, the extra care needed to avoid snagging and ripping your hair out when zipping up seems unnecessary.

Then why do people seek to purchase one piece undersuits?
The main reason why some riders seek to purchase a one piece suit is because they do not like gear that rides up and constantly needs adjusting. Also, bunching and tight elastic waistbands create restrictions under your leathers.

VnM has the best of both worlds:
We have found a solution to eliminate these issues and give you the extra benefits of wearing a 2 piece undersuit.

VnM Sport designs are made from the ground up by riders and racers who have taken all these issues into account. We found that a 2 piece suit fits a wider variety of riders, from short to tall. We added a silicone gripper to the waistband of the VnM compression top which grips to the skin comfortably and keep the gear in place all day long. In addition we kept the tops extra long in the back and higher in the front to eliminate any bunching from hunching over in the rider position. Our proprietary fit eliminates all bunching and allows your leathers to move around you without the risk of abrasion from seams.

We ONLY use soft flatlock seams on our compression tops, which are strategically placed away from any areas of irritation from armor or friction. Essentially, flat seams mean that there is no extra fold over of fabric creating thicker seams which can irritate skin. Also, flatlock seams are more durable for our 4 way stretch fabrics, ensuring a longer lasting garment.

We have also come up with a solution that eliminates any potential chaffing on the neck from riding jackets. Our proprietary collar sits high on the back and sits much lower on the front than other brands out there and there are NO SEAMS on the front and back of the collar. People who feel uncomfortable wearing a mock neck can be happy with the benefits and protection of a mockneck without the irritation. We also incorporated an antichaffing technology inspired from an old military trick. 2 fabrics together with no seams holding them in place will rub together protecting your skin from the abrasion.