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Advanced fabric construction amplifies cooling and dries in a flash, reducing excess energy expenditure and dehydration: It’s like air conditioning for the skin:

This is done so by the very unique construction of the VnM fabric. It is woven into little honeycombs which help to increase cooling by opening up as you move. The fabric acts as a second skin that rapidly evaporates water, creating an intense cooling sensation.

VnM Sportgear dries over 8 times faster than cotton and over 2.5 times quicker than top level competitors. This is the reason why the cooling sensation feels more intense than the competition.

Durable and long lasting, designed to withstand even the harshest environments: The VnM fabric is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. It will not fade, lose it's shape or
stretch out over time, lasting well over 4 times longer than its competitors. Our materials are also rated SPF 50+ sun protection which shields you from harmful UV rays.

Lycra Sport Certified targeted compression reduces muscle fatigue and speeds up recovery, thereby maximizing endurance:

Muscles oscillate (vibrate) as you ride long distances or push hard on the track. This oscillation causes fatigue. If muscle vibration is reduced, the onset of physical and mental fatigue is delayed and you perform at peak levels for longer.
The VnM fabric also works to reduce the build up of lactic acid in the muscles. If the VnM gear is worn for a few hours after an intense day, muscle soreness is reduced. This is particularly beneficial for multiple days of activity.

What are the targeted areas?

We worked closely with physiotherapists that treat motorcycle racers to come up with a product that targets the specific areas of our bodies while racing and riding. Our forearms, upper arms, upper back and shoulders usually take the most beating, along with our quads, thighs, and calves. We created a targeted compression garment that focuses on these specific areas of fatigue only, allowing for a little breathing room in in other areas not in need of compression.

What makes our compression different or more effective?

A True Compression Fit garment differs from most. If you read the materials label your will have about 23% to 30% elastine in the fabric content (it also depends on the way the thread was woven together to make the fabric). This means the garment actually does the job of compressing the muscles enough to provide certain physical benefits. There are only a handful of high end niche companies that can boast this. Generally a major name brand or cheaper brand will just use this concept as a marketing ploy and there have been scientific findings to prove that they do not work.  The key? To compress the muscles at 15-20 MMHG. Medical garments usually reach about 20-25 MMHG.

True Compression Fit garments provide enough compression to reduce the build up of lactic acid in the muscles (which causes the burning sensation) when performing high intensity activities like riding on the track. It also reduces muscle vibration which causes fatigue. Take in example the Suzuki DRZ400. A single cylinder bike and vibrates quite a bit when on long rides. This promoted fatigue more easily because muscle in turn start to vibrate, creating a fatiguing effect similar to what happens when you work out.

Also, it aids in muscle recovery so if you ride on the track for a few days, you are fresh to ride the next day without being sore. This is due to the reduction of lactic acid that can build up in your muscles, which is linked to that sore feeling you get the next day after a good work out.

Ergonomically designed to improve manoeuvrability and comfort while riding:

Seamless technology eliminates chaffing. Stitching is strategically placed away from high abrasion points and armor. VnM Sport's proprietary collar design shades the neck from sun exposure and eliminates chaffing from protective riding gear and facial hair while avoiding any tightness in the neck area.

VNM Sportgear is engineered to fit the human body in the riding position, eliminating bunching, chaffing, and riding up. Specialized silicone gripper is placed at the waist which keeps gear in place. The back is lower than the front and the garment is made longer than most other performance garments.
Soft mesh paneling is strategically placed under the arms, down the back, and behind the knees for added comfort.

The VnM fabric feels more slippery then the leading competitors . Even on the hottest of days, getting in and out of your riding suit is a breeze.
The short answer is NO!

Let's compare a generic sports brand polyester top with VnM Sportgear fabric. Lets start with the fabric content. Most performance garments are made from Polyester. Some are Nylon, others are bamboo or wool. Any of these will perform much better than cotton, as they do not absorb as much water. However, one polyester top will perform much differently from another polyester top. One might smell more and retain bacteria, or another may breath better, textures can vary, causing chaffing or promoting comfort, and the time it takes for a garment to dry can differ drastically. The way in which the fabric was woven together is a major contributing factor.

Most garments are advertised to “wick moisture” from your skin. If you look closely you will see that the fabric is usually woven into what looks like little braids. Threads overlap causing the fabric to be thicker weight. Moisture travels through the threads to the outer surface of the fabric, spreading out and accelerating evaporation. Those fabrics can only perform their best in mild temperatures.

Our VNM fabrics perform quite differently which create an "air conditioning" effect on the skin. It is woven into little honey combs so when you heat up there is no trapped air. The VnM Cooling Compression fabrics are meant for extreme heat. Because they are thinner, they breath better and evaporate immediately without the need for wicking yarns or treatments on the fabric. When you sweat in traffic and start to move again the fabric dries much quicker. The quicker you evaporate your sweat, the cooler you feel. Its like when you put your wet hands under a hot hand drier and initially they feel cold.
If you ride with a tee shirt, do yourself a favor and continue reading. Cotton is the worst thing you can do for your body in all temperature conditions. Why? There are a few reasons but mainly cotton absorbs a lot of water which then causes the pores in the fabric to close and trap heat between the skin and cotton layer. Cotton also takes much longer to dry than synthetic fabrics so that is why you can get into cold sweats when the sun goes down, it gets cooler out, or if you step into an air conditioned room.  It may feel nice when your moving and air is circulating, but the moment you stop, the heat will start to accumulate and cause you to sweat even more.